Bài tập về từ loại (Phần 1 )

Sau khi đã nắm được lý thuyết ở phần trước, hãy thử sức mình với 100 câu hỏi  cơ bản về từ loại nhé

Use the correct form of the word in brackets to complete the following sentences.

  1. There are some exceptions to every grammatical rule.
  2. The engineering sector achieved significant growth last year.
  3. I have a collection of old records from my grandma.
  4. He’ll surely be coming later.
  5. Eric Clapton’s guitar solos are legendary.
  6. It was one of the most enjoyable plays I’ve seen recently.
  7. In her time, Marilyn Monroe was a very glamorous actress.
  8. It’s impossible to tell whether he’s lying or not.
  9. He’s no worldwide star, but he had very humble beginnings.
  10. They took measurements of noise levels inside the building.
  11. He’s a really reliable person.
  12. She made several excellent observations in her essay on Charles Dickens.
  13. Watching TV shows in English is definitely very useful to improve your listening skills.
  14. The Internet is probably one of the best inventions ever.
  15. The boat was 16 feet in length.
  16. Both accuracy and fluency are important when speaking a foreign language.
  17. You shouldn’t have said that! It was a totally inappropriate remark.
  18. Since the earliest times, civilisations have understood the importance of time.
  19. Doing puzzles keeps our brains fit and healthy.
  20. As well as gaining satisfaction, by doing puzzles we give our brains a good workout.
  21. The most successful games have sold in the millions.
  22. People have discovered that doing puzzles is good for you.
  23. It’s easy to find a solution to the problems posed.
  24. There has been an improvement in the power of their brains.
  25. Some scientists argue that the brain gets better at a task the more it repeats it.
  26. The improvement in the performance is something that happens naturally.
  27. It remains uncertain whether puzzles are actually helping to boost brainpower or not.
  28. According to research, most people sleep less than 8 hours every day.
  29. The advice passed down to our grandparents may contain some truth.
  30. A good example is the relationship between being cold and catching a cold.
  31. These high-heeled shoes are unsuitable for such rough terrain.
  32. Colds are caused by viruses, so in the absence of a virus, you can’t catch a cold.
  33. You’re too young. This film is inappropriate for children your age.
  34. Scientists now think that we may have viruses in our bodies already.
  35. In cold weather, for example, blood vessels in the nose get smaller to stop
  36. heat escaping. Unfortunately, this also allows the cold virus to attack the nose or throat more easily.
  37. Victoria Falls in Africa is one of the most spectacular sights in the world.
  38. It’s also an incredible place for water sports.
  39. We need you to provide an accurate description of the situation.
  40. On arrival, it’s the noise that makes the greatest impression.
  41. The surrounding landscape is also well worth a visit.
  42. There’s a post office a bit further/farther down the road.
  43. Six months after the accident, he still has difficulty walking.
  44. I can’t play tennis that well because I’m a beginner.
  45. Don’t go there. It’s dangerous.
  46. Read this. It’ll be very useful for your trip to Australia.
  47. I didn’t find him that attractive, but my friend did.
  48. The school has a reputation for being very up-to-date with technology.
  49. These are designer clothes and that’s why they are very expensive.
  50. I left the party because it was extremely noisy in there.
  51. I had no choice but to tell him.
  52. This cloth is made from natural fibers.
  53. If you want to take care of the environment, it’s important to recycle.
  54. In the next few years, scientists will hopefully have found a cure for malaria.
  55. According to the research, the epidemic started in Kuala Lumpur.
  56. Isolation from family and friends can lead to feelings of anxiety.
  57. I was unable to understand what the problem was.
  58. There will be a mixture of solo games and competitive games available.
  59. Participants will later be asked for feedback on the event.
  60. It was an emotional reunion and we were all really touched when we remembered how we had met.
  61. I am writing to ask for further information on your Open Day.
  62. This took place at the end of the twentieth century.
  63. People really enjoy(ed) the party.
  64. Meditation is great as a means of relaxation.
  65. This method is a lot more effective than the previous one.
  66. Picasso was a Spanish artist who also lived in France.
  67. There has been little movement in the negotiations since January.
  68. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t know she already had four children.
  69. His voice was instantly recognizable.
  70. The only cure for boredom is creativity.
  71. This is a textile company specializing in denim.
  72. Sadness is a part of life, but you have to be able to enjoy the others too.
  73. Without that, I wouldn’t be happy even if I was the richest man in the world.
  74. The music in the festival was so loud. It was deafening!
  75. I don’t think my marks can get higher because I already study to the best of my abilities.
  76. The largest river fish in Europe lives in Spain!
  77. Passeig de Gràcia is being widened so there is more room for people to walk on the pavement.
  78. I can assure that if you study you will have no problems passing this test.
  79. Nowadays there are lots of endangered species of animals in the world, for example, the panda.
  80. I was encouraged to take the driving test by my friends.
  81. I see they’ve finally got round to widening the Shoreham road.
  82. The teacher asked us to summarize the main ideas in the chapter we had read in class.
  83. The top manager of the shop told me that my credit card was not valid to pay for the jeans which cost under 20€.
  84. Art in the 20th century is usually referred to as modern art.
  85. Everybody listens to David Guetta’s music. It’s so commercial.
  86. Butterflies are thoroughly classified by scientists.
  87. She exemplifies the qualities of a good leader.
  88. Many people don’t understand the simplicity of life.
  89. It’s impossible to tell those twins apart! They are identical.
  90. He made several wrong generalisations about women.
  91. It was hard to differentiate between the two styles of music.
  92. He hasn’t finished the preparation course, so he’s not qualified for this job.
  93. She was captivated by the colour of the plant.
  94. At the auction, Elton John’s car was valued at 1 million euros.
  95. The assassination took place next door at 2 am.
  96. The main characteristics of this painting are its bright colours and its sense of perspective.
  97. Stability is important in a relationship.
  98. Despite his familiarity with that type of vehicle, he had an accident because a cat made him crash into a tree.
  99. At the best moment of its empire, Rome had dominion over all the Mediterranean.
  100. Nowadays almost everything can be computerized thanks to the use of technology.
  101. I wish I had the strength to do that.

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