Bài tập về từ loại ( phần 2 )

Lần này sẽ là dạng bài nâng cao hơn nha

Complete the passage using the correct form of the words in the capital letters.

Exercise 1

To neighbors, Mr Stewart is a dull man who speaks very_________(1)and whose only form_________(2)is his job. And to a certain extent it’s true, since Mr Stewart finds his job very_________(3)He is an antique dealer and goes to work_________(4)every day. He handles some very_________(5)pieces sometimes, which can make his job_________(6)as there have recently been quite a few _________(7)at antique shops. So not _________(8), Mr Stewart decided that his own business needed some extra _________(9)After having an alarm system put in, Mr Stewart doesn’t feel _________(10)secure but he does feel more protected.











Exercise 2

You may know that Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures have _________(1)used garlic in their dishes. What you may not know is that garlic was also thought of as a _________(2)medicine by many ancient civilisations. Today, _________(3)in the field of nutrition have come up with new_________(4)which is indeed quite surprising. Apparently, not only is garlic good for you but it also helps overcome various _________(5)The main _________(6)to eating garlic is of course bad _________(7)Cooking it reduces the strong smell and eating parsley, which is a _________(8)deodoriser, also helps minimise the smell. So, it’s time we took the benefits of g arlic_________(9)Why not add it to some of your _________(10)dishes!











Exercise 3

Being a _________(1), I often have to go on strange assignments. So when my editor told me to do a story on one of the _________(2)health spas in Switzerland, I was only too happy to go and take it easy for a week or two. However, when I got there and saw the programme, I began to panic. I had to go on a diet and participate in a _________(3)of exercise classes. My _________(4)turned to rage when they insisted I go to bed very early so as to get up at 6:00 a. m. and eat breakfast in a _________(5)which looked like a greenhouse. I must admit that they ran an excellent _________(6)Anyway, you can imagine how happy I was to see my familiar _________(7)when I finally arrived home. A few months later, I received an _________(8)rom the same clinic for a week’s worth of free treatment. My family thought it rather _________(9)when they saw the_________(10)look on my face.











Exercise 4

My father was a police _________(1), my mother a _________(2)Their _________(3)to move to a small town when I was a child changed my life. It was a very _________(4)place and of course living there meant that I had much more _________(5)to go wherever I pleased. The people were _________(6)but I missed my close friends, my school and the_________(7)city I had lived in. As I grew up, I realized that there wasn’t much for a young person to do there, except rush into _________(8). When I left, my parents were sad, but they realized that staying there would only make me _________(9)The big city I live in now is not very far away, so I can visit my parents _________(10)and have the best of both worlds.


(2) TEACH)



(5) FREE






Exercise 5

The economic crisis facing many countries today, has created serious _________(1)problems. _________(2)young people, willing to work, are confronted by many _________(3)when trying to find a job. Filling in countless _________(4)forms and hearing that they are _________(5)for the job because they don’t have the right _________(6)can be disheartening. Finding a job seems just _________(7)However, their _________(8)shouldn’t affect them nor make them give up. There is no straightforward _________(9)other than _________(10)and persistence.






(5) SUIT






Exercise 6

There are a myriad of lifestyle issues affecting the youth of today. Such is the pressure heaped on many school-goers to achieve academic excellence by their parents that these _________ (1) expectations are causing children to become hopelessly depressed. Indeed, some, in their_________ (2) to escape and their sense of guilt at being unable reach the levels of success demanded of them by their _________ (3) parents, either rebel in what is _________ (4) to a cry for help, or, worse still, engage in _________ (5). It is no coincidence that suicide rates, expecially amongst young males, have been rising steadily for some time now. These are tough times to be a teen.

Then there are those who get hooked on the internet; the _________ (6) world becomes their reality. For these teens, their social circle shrinks _________ (7) until, at last, their friendship sphere is limited solely to their online _________ (8). Not alone do they commonly suffer from sleep _________ (9) on account of their destructive addiction to game play and net-surfing, their behaviour may become so _________ (10) and peculiar over time as to be considered _________ (11) . And while they sit at their computer screens hidden away in splendid isolation from the real world, such is the lack of exercise they get that their calorie intake far exceeds what is necessary for them to maintain a stable weight. In essence, due to their sedentary lifestyle, their weight _________ (12) until such time as they become morbidly obese.

(1) REAL


(3) PUSH


(5) HARM



(8) BUD


(10) ERR



Exercise 7

The standard of television programming produced in this country is in terminal decline. The  _________ (1) has become a meaningless term confined in its  _________ (2) to  _________ (3) days when adult content felt the full force of censorship and was not allowed to appear on the box until after 9:00 p.m. Nowadays, however, it seems anything goes any time. And, truth told, whatever anything is, it seldom ‘goes’ for much longer than a half hour or so at any rate before it is interrupted by a commercial break. And don’t even get me started on those appalling  _________ (4) most of the networks run right the way through the night, one after another, for up to thirty minutes at a time. lt is truly painful. Terrestrial television is now, as far as I am concerned, a laughing stock. All the quality has been bought up by the satellite networks, with their big-money weight behind them, but even here  _________ (5) are slim. In protest at the dire state of things, I have become a converted  _________ (6). I look to the web now to find good content. There, I can find just enough  _________ (7) of quality programmes to prevent myself from falling into utter despair and pining for the good old days of  _________ (8).

(1) SHED


(3) GO


(5) PICK

(6) NET

(7) RUN

(8) YEAR

Exercise 8

In January 2001, the _________ (1) Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its latest report on climate change. Climate models worked out by giant super-computers had become far more reliable since the previous report in 1995 and allowed them to _________ (2) the earlier projections for global warming. Their conclusions were that something very serious is happening and that it cannot be a natural process. The 1990s was the hottest decade for 1,000 years and the Earth is warming faster than at any time in the last 10,000 years. According to the report, human activities are _________ (3) to blame for the temperature rise. The burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide and, due to deforestation, there are fewer trees to absorb this gas and recycle it back into oxygen. Methane _________ (4) have also gone up dramatically because of increases in rice culture and _________ (5), both of which generate methane from _________ (6) vegetation. These greenhouses gases trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and cause the temperature to rise. In the worst case, the resulting melting of ice-caps and glaciers would cause sea levels to rise by up to 88 cm, endangering the homes and _________ (7) of tens of millions of people who live in low-lying regions.

Unfortunately, there is far greater _________ (8) among the world’s scientists over the issue than among politicians. As long ago as 1990, the IPCC recommended a 60% reduction in carbon dioxide _________ (9), as the basic level required to return the planet’s climate to a healthy level. Governments globally failed to _________ (10) these proposals. Now that the dangers have been reaffirmed by the latest report, it is high time that governments took an active interest in exploring alternative, renewable energy sources.









(9) EMIT

(10) ACT

Exercise 9

People intuitively recognize the importance of self-esteem to their psychological health, so it isn’t particularly remarkable that most of us try to protect and enhance it in ourselves whenever possible. What is remarkable is that attention to self-esteem has become a(n) _________(1) concern, at least for Americans, who see a favorable opinion of oneself as the central psychological source from which all manner of positive outcomes spring. The corollary, that low self-esteem lies at the root of individual and thus _________(2) problems and _________(3), has sustained an ambitious social agenda for decades. Indeed, campaigns to raise people’s sense of self-worth abound. Consider what transpired in California in the late 1980s. Prodded by State Assemblyman John Vasconcellos, Governor George Deukmejian set up a task force on self-esteem and personal and social responsibility. Vasconcellos argued that raising self-esteem in young people would reduce crime, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, school _________(4) and pollution. At one point, he even expressed the hope that these efforts would one day help balance the state budget, a prospect predicated on the observation that people with high _________(5) earn more than others and thus pay more in taxes. Along with its other activities, the task force assembled a team of scholars to survey the relevant literature. The results appeared in a 1989 volume _________(6) The Social Importance of Self-Esteem, which stated that “many, if not most, of the major problems plaguing society have roots in the low self-esteem of many of the people who make up society.” In reality, the report contained little to support that assertion.







Exercise 10

Pop art was a(n) _________(1) art style in which _________(2) objects such as comic strips, soup cans and road signs were used as subject matter, and were often incorporated into the work. The pop art movement was largely a British and American cultural phenomenon of the late 1950s and ‘60s. Art critic Lawrence Alloway, referring to the prosaic _________(3) of its painting and sculpture, named the movement pop art. It represented an attempt to return to a more objective and _________(4) accepted form of art after the dominance in both the United States and Europe of the highly personal abstract _________(5). The art form was iconoclastic, rejecting the _________(6) of the ‘high art’ of the past and the _________(7) of other contemporary avant-garde art. Pop art became a cultural institution because of its close reflection of a particular social situation and because its easily _________(8) images were immediately exploited by the mass media. Although the critics of pop art describe it as sensational and non-aesthetic, its proponents saw it as an art that was democratic and not _________(9), bringing together both connoisseurs and untrained inexperienced viewers. Even though public reaction to pop art was _________(10), it found critical acceptance as a form of art suited to the highly technological, mass media-oriented society of western countries.



(3) ICON








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